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Main street small businesses manage their operations with limited time, funds, and knowledge of digital tools and techniques. This challenges their ability to seize the opportunities that the new online business environment presents. Today, digital capabilities are the key component businesses need to succeed in an increasingly competitive, global, and volatile market.
The Digital Service Squad program is a smart, efficient way to help businesses adopt and expand their digital capabilities at no cost to them. Since October, London’s Digital Service Squad has visited BIA member businesses throughout London to offer free assistance to upgrade their online presence.
With the support of the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario, main street businesses across Southwestern Ontario can now access three other unique Digital Main Street programs to prepare their business for a successful digital future.

London’s Digital Service Squad has provided one-on-one assistance which includes:

  • Support for basic website set-up

  • Google My Business profiles

  • 360 degree photos for your business

  • Digital Storefront set-up with e-commerce

  • Creation and enhancement of social media presence

  • …and much more!

The Digital Main Street Ontario Grants Program provides Digital Transformation training, consultation and guidance, and the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $2,500.

Digital Main Street ShopHERE provides independent small businesses, home businesses and artists with a quick, easy and no-cost way to get selling online right away.


If you’re ready to upgrade your online presence, your ecommerce capabilities, or your digital marketing strategy, we can help! Reach out to us directly through the form below, or schedule an appointment with us!

Digital service squad

Digital service squad

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Meet London’s Digital Service Squad:


DSS Project Manager

I am a digital marketing enthusiast with an exceptional understanding of market trends and consumer behavior. A public relations graduate with a passion for strategy. I apply my skills to effectively find knowledge gaps and strategically solve problems. I believe the best relationships are built through listening. People want to be heard and by doing so we can discover a range of opportunities to help. We all need a little “something” to help us stand out. Let’s work together to make your business digital!

You can reach Ashford by emailing: ashfordmoraes.dms@gmail.com


DSS Team Member
Hi my name is Olivia Postma! I attend TriOS College for the Digital Marketing Specialist program. I am very passionate about digital marketing and helping small businesses improve their online presence.
lovedeep dms


DSS Team Member
My passion is digital marketing. Part of my daily routine is to learn something new, every day. It’s a personal passion to continue to keep learning and it’s something which has helped me drive real, cutting-edge results for clients.
Specialties: SEO, Social Media Management, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Monetization, Google Analytics, Lead generation, Web Designing, PPC, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography.


DSS Team Member
Ece offers expertise in digital marketing, communications strategies, event planning, content creation, graphic design, social media and website management. She possesses exceptional skills in critical and analytical areas of research from her background in Sociology. Her efforts are focused on strengthening relationships, reputation, and brand management.

With a passion to build and maintain long lasting relationships, Ece strives to tell the stories behind businesses. Through her recent graduate certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Fanshawe College, Ece recognizes the changing field of communication and brings a range of creativity to her role of Digital Service Squad Member at London Digital Main Street.



DSS Team Member
Ellen is a Digital Service Squad member and is ready to help you with almost all of your digital needs. She has a background in social media management, communications and marketing. Ellen holds a B.A. and a Masters in Journalism and Communications from Western University. When she’s not spending time scrolling online, she loves to play with her cats and gardening.


Testimonials from London Businesses

Margo Trotter, Well Canada
“As a small business owner in London Ontario, I would like to offer my testimonial to the fine work and responsiveness I have received from the Digital Main Street (DMS) team. They are extremely professional and very supportive in offering available resources to support my Well Canada business. Currently DMS is assisting me with building the Well Canada Social Media Strategy and it is progressing very well.”
Jessica Lockhart, Finito Restoration
“Given that we are in masonry, as soon as COVID-19 hit we weren’t allowed to do any work. March is traditionally a busy time for us but none of that could happen. I reached out to London’s Digital Service Squad and they helped me to create a website, research SEO keywords, and then write our website copy. Before we relied on client referrals and our current customer pool but once restrictions eased, we had new clients coming in instantly through our website. It was shocking to see that impact and we honestly had a quick recovery because of it. I think anyone who is needing assistance with their online capabilities should take advantage of the Digital Service Squad.”
Mary Beechie, Mystic Bookshop
“The Digital Main Street experience was a real lifesaver! We were preparing for the road closures by developing a website. The Squad program allowed us to set up the website and the Digital Transformation Grant enabled us to buy the Shopify system to bring all our operations into the digital age. The timing of this program was fortuitous for us, because we were able to launch our website soon after the pandemic occurred and we needed a way to generate income during the lockdown.”
Liliana Sanchez, Totally Unique Customer Designs
“I am very pleased to have had the chance to be one of the recipients of the Digital Transformation Grant. The Digital Service Squad program is also great! As a business owner, it was an opportunity to get a digital footprint, and learn from their resources and webinars.”
Katie Procunier, Andrew Douglas Clothier
“London’s Digital Main Street team came to us at a time when we needed it most. They are a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and very helpful and available with solutions for the needs of small businesses. Learning to navigate the digital space is new to us but they helped us with social media and our online store and we look forward to more of their insights as we navigate our new normal.”
Nikki Metron, Pinheiro Realty
“The support from the Digital Service Squad was certainly positive! We had an initial consultation session and a second follow-up session and both agents were very professional, extremely knowledgeable and offered great options and suggestions for our specific business.”

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