2021 Patio Program

patio improvement program

We are currently accepting applications!

The Patio Improvement Program is a grant that is meant to encourage enhancement of outdoor patios in the London Business Improvement Areas (BIAs).

Eligible Patios must be located in BIAs associated with an existing restaurant operating with a valid business liscence and in compliance with the City’s policies, regulations, and by-laws. Patios should be located on public property, and patios located on private property if visible from public property and public streets.

Businesses can submit an application and a copy of their advertising receipts to the Hyde Park BIA. Staff will verify expenditures and may reimburse businesses for $1500 worth of eligible patio expenses.


What is the definition for “Restaurant” in the City’s zoning by-law?


RESTAURANT: a building or part thereof where food is prepared and offered for retail sale to the public for immediate consumption either on or off the premises, including a licensed dining lounge, but excluding a tavern as defined herein.

RESTAURANT, EAT-IN: a restaurant where food is sold primarily for immediate consumption on the premises.

RESTAURANT, FAST FOOD: a restaurant where food is prepared and packaged or pre-packaged and offered for sale or sold for consumption on or off the premises of the establishment.

RESTAURANT, TAKE-OUT: a restaurant where food is prepared, packaged and offered for sale or sold primarily for consumption off of the premises of the establishment, and may include delivery of the food to the public, and also may include a small area (less than 25 percent [25%] of the permitted gross floor area) for food consumption on the premises.


Eligible patio expenses include:

  • barriers (temporary)
  • lighting
  • material required to complete improvements
  • outdoor furniture (tables, chairs, lounge furniture, umbrellas)
  • outdoor heaters
  • planters and plants
  • “pop-up” prefabricated patios

Expenses that are not eligible:

  • wages
  • maintenance costs
  • marketing and advertising costs
  • any operating expenses/costs


If you are interested, please download the application below and email us directly at info@hydeparkbusiness.com

Funding is limited: Deadline for applications for the first round is June 25