Hyde & Seek

hyde and seek with goosechase

You may be feeling a little disconnected from the Hyde Park neighbourhood due to the lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

Lucky for you, we have partnered with Goosechase, a scavenger hunt app that allows players to send in videos and selfies of their teams completing “missions”.

Players will have the opportunity to win hundreds of dollars in prizes, including Hyde Park Dollars, gifts certificates, swag and more!

So, gather a gaggle of friends and start the chase today!

How to play today

First, get the app: If you haven’t already, download the GooseChase app. Simply search ‘GooseChase’ on the App Store or Google Play.
Join the game: Once in the app, choose to play as a guest, sign up or if you already have an account, log in. Next, search for the name of the game (‘Hyde and Seek’) or enter the unique game code (5WD6JR). Create a profile or join an existing team and away you go!
Complete missions: To complete a mission and receive points, choose one from the list and follow the instructions. Mission types include photos, videos, checking-in at specific locations, or answering questions and riddles. By completing missions, you earn points that can be exchange for Hyde Park Dollars!
See the action live: When you complete a mission, it’s added to the activity feed and the rankings are automatically updated. If you’re competitive, you’ll realize how awesome this is! At any given moment, you know exactly how you’re doing and what needs to be done to win.
goosechase on phone