Community Programs

Hyde Park Dollars

Hyde Park Dollars can be used to purchase goods and services offered by participating businesses within the Hyde Park Community.

Loyalty Card

A Loyalty Card for your community. Receive stickers for each purchase made within Hyde Park BIA boundaries.

Student Discounts

Unlock savings with exclusive student discounts.

Senior Discounts

Enjoy special savings through senior discounts!

Member Directory

Where you can find all of our valued members and Friends of Hyde Park.

Coordinated Informed Response

Homelessness isn't unique to London, but our city is taking proactive steps to address it through initiatives like the Coordinated Informed Response (CIR) and London Cares.

Developments in Hyde Park

Hyde Park's ongoing developments are shaping a dynamic landscape, fostering growth, innovation, and a vibrant future for our community

London's Digital Main Street

Receive FREE targeted support to get started, and grow your digital presence & business.