We aim to enhance the aesthetics and charm of our community through creative and inspiring initiatives.

Hanging Baskets

Every year the HPBIA works to install 88 hanging baskets, and plant our medians.

People walking through a park with a pond and a bridge.

Hyde Park Village Green

A gathering place for the community, which recently underwent $800,000 of upgrades

Tree Lights

The BIA is proud to have created a magical twinkling environment within Hyde Park.


The Hyde Park BIA installs seasonal banners that promote a unified and attractive ambiance, inviting visitors to shop, eat, work and play!

Hanging Baskets

In the summer months, the HPBIA hangs beautiful flower baskets along Hyde Park Road and Fanshawe Park Road W. During the holiday season, these baskets transform into a winter wonderland.

Our flower baskets aim to enhance the charm of the neighborhood, providing a delightful experience for those who shop, eat work and play in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park Village Green

The Hyde Park Village Green is located just off Hyde Park Road and is situated in between residential and commercially zoned lands.

The lands were originally zoned as environmental space, with nothing more than field grass and ponds. In 2018, the HPBIA in collaboration with the City of London worked to get the space re-zoned for public use. The HPBIA has formally ‘adopted’ the park and the pond.

Events hosted by the BIA primarily take place in “Hyde Park Village Green,” as the park was created as a spot for the community to host community activations and events that better the community.

Tree Lights

We’ve elevated the enchantment of Hyde Park and Gainsborough Roads with the magical installation of twinkle lights in the median trees.

As the sun sets, these shimmering lights create a captivating spectacle, turning the intersection into a breathtaking fairy tale scene. Whether you’re passing through or taking a leisurely stroll, these lights infuse the area with a warm, welcoming glow, making every visit a truly memorable experience. Join us in celebrating the holiday season and brightening up our community with this sparkling display.

Hanging Banners

The banner program of the Hyde Park BIA is a powerful tool for increasing awareness among local shoppers and those traveling within our BIA. These banners not only serve as a promotional tool but also contribute significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal of Hyde Park, creating a more inviting and visually appealing environment.

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