About the Hyde Park Business Improvement Association

The Hyde Park Business Improvement Association (HPBIA) was founded in 1979 and designated as a Business Improvement Area in 2017.

Working with HPBIA members and with the support of the municipality, the HPBIA serves as an economic and social anchor within its boundaries in Uptown London, the northwest corner of the City, while helping stabilize and add vitality to the local community.

With over four hundred and fifty members (comprised of commercial and industrial assessed businesses), the HPBIA works to beautify and promote the Hyde Park corridor fostering a sense of community for residents, businesses and visitors while attracting people and customers from across London and neighbouring counties. Events and beautification work together to encourage tourism as we work to create a vibrant community that people love to visit.

These initiatives also support the mandate of business recruitment & retention, sustaining existing retail while bringing new and exciting business opportunities to Hyde Park, while ensuring that new development reflects the needs of the existing businesses and the community.

What We Do


Membership in the BIA gives businesses a stronger voice on London City Council on local issues.


Whether it’s planter boxes, lighting, or seasonal decorations, we are constantly trying to make Hyde Park a more beautiful place.


We make events happen in Hyde Park. Between our monthly member networking events and larger scale events like Pond Fest, there’s always something to look forward to in Uptown London.

Member Recruitment & Development

We want to bring new and exciting business opportunities to Hyde Park, while ensuring the development reflects the needs of the existing businesses.

Our Boundaries

The Hyde Park BIA’s boundaries are:

  • Just north of Fanshawe Park Road
  • East to Dalmagarry Road
  • Sarnia Road to the South
  • and to the west taking in North Routledge Park Road.


All businesses in this catchment area, who pay commercial business tax, are automatically enrolled as members of the HPBIA.

Why is a BIA Important?

Active and effective BIAs benefit not only the business community but the surrounding neighbourhood and the City as well. BIAs help businesses gain advantages from the improved local atmosphere and ambience, such as the presence of planter boxes, seasonal banners and seasonal lighting.

Improvements, among other activities, may retain more local customers and attract more visitors. Cost savings to members may result from improved integration of capital funding and promotional activities.

Businesses are not the only beneficiaries of a BIA. For Property Owners, BIA-Initiated improvements and activities may help create and sustain a more vibrant economic environment within an area, which may lead to an increased demand for retail and office space, a decrease in commercial vacancy, and an increase in property values.

History of the Hyde Park BIA

The Hyde Park BIA has had its roots in this community for almost 40 years!

On September 9, 1979, The Business Association of Hyde Park held its inaugural meeting. Twenty-three businesses were represented at the time, and a slate of interim officers was chosen to get the association going. The officers were: John Eberhard, chairman and organizer; Frank Wellman, vice-chair; Ron Johnstone, secretary; Tom Moulton, treasurer; and, task-force chairmen: Bud Broadfoot, Bob Latella, John Sim, Bill Frank, George Morris and Jack Merryfield.

The BIA as it exists today would not have been possible without the work of previous volunteers, business owners, and community members.


They saw the need to associate to better service their customers, and to work together to promote the area to the surrounding residents, a value that we still hold close to our mission today. One of their concerns was the then current rumour concerning annexation by the City of London. They were also responsible for the concept of co-op advertising for the area which was responsible for the “Furniture Row” ads.

As time progressed, so did the role of the association. The Hyde Park Business Association (HPBA) was founded in 2004 to provide a voice and promote businesses located within the community. It grew into this form as we recognized the need for a solid business association that prioritized networking and membership growth.  The Association received its non-profit incorporation status on January 16, 2009, and its BIA designation in 2017.