Pond Fest

Pond Fest 2019 was a great success! We had a day full of sunshine, fun activities, local bands, and even a beer garden.


There are so many businesses and individuals that donated their time towards the event, and we would like to recognize them for their contributions. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Moffatt & Powell Rona, Parkway Garden Centre, The Synergy Centre, D&S Pianos, HLH Investments, Oxford Dodge, and Imagery by Amy.


The Kidz Corner was a big hit thanks to Whitehills Childcare Association, Family Centre Fox Hollow, London Children’s Museum, The Cross Cultural Learner Centre and the North West London Resource Centre.


We had some fantastic food options with thanks to Subway, Wendy’s, Rosie’s Streetery, Mr. & Mrs. Bao and Field to Fork Catering.


The beer garden was very popular thanks to Railway City Brewing and the Hyde Park & District Lions Club who were able to raise money intended to go back into the Hyde Park community.


Amazing music performances were enjoyed, with thanks to AK Arts’ Glee London, Mario Fonti, Coming Up Roses, The Band Landry, The Rhapsody Rebelz, and Sarah Smith.


Many thanks to the City of London who supported the event and last but not least to the Oakridge Secondary School students who painted this year’s outdoor community piano.


Mark your calendars! We are looking forward to Pond Fest next year on June 13 2020!! Check out the amazing photos taken by Amy Muschik – Imagery by Amy

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